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Click Here for Indications VIVITROL is indicated for:
  • The treatment of alcohol dependence in patients who are able to abstain from alcohol in an outpatient setting prior to initiation of treatment with VIVITROL. Patients should not be actively drinking at the time of initial VIVITROL administration.
  • The prevention of relapse to opioid dependence, following opioid detoxification.

VIVITROL should be part of a comprehensive management program that includes psychosocial support.

There are a variety of resources available to help support you and your patients along their recovery journey including filling VIVITROL prescriptions.

  • If you prefer to work directly with pharmacies, we provide the resources you need, with VIVITROL team members available to answer your questions
  • Get information on insurance requirements and forms plus pharmacy options for fulfillment of VIVITROL from the Insurance and Pharmacy Navigator
  • You can also choose to work with a Vivitrol2gether® dedicated case manager to send the prescriptions to the pharmacies based on patients insurance coverage. And, you can choose to receive coordination services including logistical support and refill reminders

Fulfillment resources

Billing and coding resource

This resource provides billing and coding information for VIVITROL, including an overview of product and administration codes and a non-exhaustive list of examples of other services and codes for illustrative purposes only.

billing and coding resource
Specialty pharmacy process

This brochure goes through the steps of filling VIVITROL. It includes an in-depth description of the specialty pharmacy process as well as an overview of Vivitrol2gether® and buy-and-bill programs.

specialty pharmacy process


Vivitrol2gether logo

Vivitrol2gether® is a patient support services program to help your patients throughout fulfillment, transition of care, and during VIVITROL treatment.

Want to know more about Vivitrol2gether® enrollment patient support services? Download our Information Sheet.

Vivitrol2gether® Enrollment Form

An enrollment form for offices that wish to work with a Vivitrol2gether® dedicated case manager to send prescriptions to pharmacies on behalf of their patients. This form includes everything from patient information, insurance information, eligibility for VIVITROL® Co-pay Savings Program, prescriber information, and all necessary patient and healthcare provider signatures to fill a VIVITROL prescription. (The healthcare provider can help the patient complete the form.)

Vivitrol2gether® Enrollment Form

Patient education resources

Patient Counseling Tool

An overview of the risks and Important Safety Information for discussion with patients who are prescribed VIVITROL

patient counseling tool

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